Why wordpress is better than wix?

Wix is an easy-to-use site builder with flexible layouts, ideal for portfolio-type websites. It is not recommended to create a large site, as the editor tends to be slow with too many pages. wordpress allows you to create much larger websites, but it requires more technical knowledge. Wordpress is much more flexible than Wix, but it has a larger learning curve.

You'll spend more time creating and launching your first WordPress website, but in the long run, you'll have a lot more control over design and functionality. In terms of costs, WordPress websites may be cheaper than Wix, but costs can add up as you expand features and grow your audience. Whether you want a website builder to host your blog or create an e-commerce site to sell your handmade jewelry, both Wix and WordPress offer features suitable for most users. If a feature isn't native to either platform, there are apps or plugins that help extend the capabilities of your site.

This comparison between Wix and WordPress will compare Wix with the self-hosted version of Wordpress. Because WordPress is free and open source, it doesn't include customer support, although often if you pay for a theme or plugin, creators will include support as part of the cost (support is limited to your theme or plugin, of course). To make it easier to understand, this plugin will serve as a bridge that turns any WordPress site into an e-commerce store. Even an experienced WordPress user faces the challenge of launching a new WordPress website in less than an hour, and novice users face a huge learning curve compared to Wix.

Wix is best if you want to create a website quickly and not worry about maintaining it; WordPress is better if you want flexibility. However, pricing shouldn't be the only thing you need to consider when deciding between WordPress and Wix. However, for a business project, I would always try to use a “Managed WordPress” hosting service such as Kinsta or WP Engine. Fortunately, the WordPress and Wix website platforms offer accessible and affordable options for businesses of all sizes.

But the key takeaway from the figures above is that it is not sensible to see Wordpress as a completely “free” option. And finally, on the topic of WordPress costs, if you were to hire a developer to help you set up, build and maintain your site, you would face significantly higher costs than the previous ones, but you would get a much better website and more comprehensive support. With standard WordPress settings, posts appear in reverse chronological order on your site's homepage. I use WordPress for some of my clients, although every time I have to install WordPress every time there is a new version that then leads to other work on websites.

First of all, most people's adventure with WordPress does not begin on the official website of the WordPress project. Traditionally, this has involved using a fairly simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to add content to your website, but recently WordPress released a new editor, Gutenberg, that allows you to drag and drop elements around your pages. Then, once you manage to install WordPress on your web server and log in to the user panel for the first time, there is no significant addition, so it seems like you're left alone and have to figure out where to go next on your own.

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