Wordpress and SEO

These optimization strategies include setting up an SEO-friendly WordPress website, optimizing its content, and taking actions outside the website to bring more positive results. Boost your website performance with this free 3-park starter pack. Adding descriptive alt text to your images is an important practice in SEO for WordPress or any similar platform. It also shows you a preview .

However, WordPress has several features and advantages that help SEO, such as native permalink and alt text configuration.

WordPress SEO

efforts can drive more traffic and improve a website’s visibility and credibility, increasing conversion rates.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

Squarespace and WordPress aren’t the only platforms you can use, of course – there are plenty of others out there with great SEO offerings, too. They’re both solid picks that will allow you to control most of the technical SEO factors that you can’t configure in a fresh WordPress install. You can also choose where to host your WordPress site, how to configure your server etc, and that’s going to influence speed, reliability, and performance. You can create optimized sites with both Squarespace and WordPress, but the answer to which one is better really comes down to what you’re looking for.

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