Wordpress who visited my site?

You can now see the number of active users of your site at any given time, their geographical locations, the pages they are viewing, and much more. On the Overview Report tab, you can see a lot of information about the site traffic that reaches your WordPress website. The HubSpot Wordpress Plugin is a free tool that helps you grow your email list, manage your contacts and send marketing emails. It includes built-in analytics so you can identify which traffic sources are generating the most conversions.

ExactMetrics connects to your website using the latest Google Analytics tracking code. It offers detailed reports for you to analyze the performance of each publication or page on your website. Site Kit allows its users to integrate Google Analytics with the WordPress site. The tool is owned by Google and is designed specifically for WordPress site owners who want to track user activity and general traffic.

Site administrators can see their traffic by going to the provided dashboard without having to leave the WordPress dashboard. You will be able to analyze the behavior of your visitors and understand what is needed to improve the content of your website. This can help you optimize your website for different devices and ensure that you have a responsive WordPress theme. The report shows more statistics on the most popular landing pages, along with the number of views they receive, the average duration, and the bounce rate.

You also have access to exclusive reports directly in your WordPress dashboard that can give you more information about your site traffic, lead generation efforts, and form conversions. So, let's go ahead and take a look at how to track the number of site visitors who come to your WordPress site. Driving traffic to your WordPress site can also help your company secure advertising placements and sponsorships with other companies. By increasing the rate of returning visitors, you have a high chance of getting people to buy your products.

And right from the start, you can see how many people visited your site, how long they spent, and your site's bounce rate. This plugin will provide you with access to monitor visitor behavior, time spent on the website and reports when visitors leave the site. In essence, instead of telling you what is happening on your WordPress website, Kissmetrics tells you who is doing what on your site. The preset dashboards provide the top 10 countries with the highest number of visitors and the 10 most visited pages.

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